Taking on e-commerce replete with tradition

Görtz was founded in 1875 and is the traditional brand in the German and European shoe trade. The Hamburg-based company showcases more than 300 brands and over 15,000 single items in its online shop. As ORENDT STUDIOS is responsible both for campaigns and for the image design in e-Commerce, Görtz has been successful in taking on the digital transformation.

Our solution: creating more consistency

As many companies still distinguish between photography for campaigns and for e-Commerce, their image suffers: the look and feel are not consistent, well-tuned coordination is lacking. We convinced Görtz to transfer their entire photographic conception and production to us. We thereby operate standard processes with the same precision and passion as when managing the creative campaigns for the company’s online presence.


Product photos per year
head team of professionals

Online-Banner & Social Media Content

As planned, Görtz can also use the image material that we produce for online banners and as content in social networks.

Art Buying
Art Direction
Set construction
Software IT

Elevate your brand to the next level

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